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Viral Electronics 1yr B-day and giving away a Blackberry Pearl 8110

To celebrate being on the web for a full year this month I have decided to give away a FREE Blackberry Pearl 8110 for the ATT Network!  That is right a totally free Blackberry Pearl.  The Blackberry Pearl 8110 features a 2mp camera with video and GPS.  All you need to do is comment this post with a valid email address.  After the end of the month (July 1st) I will draw a random commenter from the list to give the Blackberry Pearl 8110 away.  You do have to live in the United States though.  If you have any questions please let me know, but really just comment and you are eligible to win this free blackberry pearl 8110.

As in response to once of the comments, this blackberry pearl is locked on ATT Wireless.

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  1. avatar pam Says:

    congrats on a year!

  2. avatar Erica Says:

    I want one! I can add it to my collection :)

  3. avatar matty Says:

    Love my blackberry pearl!

  4. avatar mark munion Says:

    This would be an awesome addition to my BB collection

  5. avatar TheChad Says:

    Way to go on the 1yr!! A new BB would do me pretty swell right about now

  6. avatar jscott Says:

    Congrats on being online for a year man! Never knew about this site til now, very nice

  7. avatar The Z Man Says:

    ooo ooo me me .. pick me pick me .. congrats on the 1 year bday

  8. avatar Kevin Says:

    congrats. hadn’t been here before but will definetly start loking around. good luck in the future

  9. avatar anthony hiltz Says:

    Congratulations on turning a year old and this giveaway is cool!

  10. avatar Brian Says:

    Congrats on a year and many more to come!

  11. avatar Karen Morriss Says:

    I’d love to win this!

  12. avatar thecrave Says:

    Happy birthday! An 8110 would be awesome!

  13. avatar garyz Says:

    Congrats on a year! Amazing how time flies, eh? Awesome way to celebrate too! :-)

  14. avatar dp Says:

    congrats and best wishes for many more years to come!

  15. avatar Chris Says:

    HI, congrats on your success! I would like to try the pearl, i have a curve right now and i have never had a better phone.

  16. avatar Anti Andy Says:

    Like to congratulate you guys on a year of greatness…I’m sure there will be many more to come.

  17. avatar ChiroJPo Says:

    Congrats on a year!

  18. avatar james Says:

    cmon pick me!! now

  19. avatar Chad D Says:
  20. avatar tara Says:

    Congrats on the one year!!!

  21. avatar Kristie Says:

    Wonderful site! Congratulations on your first year :)

  22. avatar D Says:

    Awesome site, really useful. Congrats on your accomplishment.

  23. avatar m.choi Says:

    congrats on a year!!
    great stuff guys.

  24. avatar Dario Betancourt Says:
  25. avatar Rob Says:

    Congrats on the one year guys! Let’s celebrate by giving me a Pearl! :)

  26. avatar Matt Says:

    Congrats on an awesome year– Happy Birthday =] I would love to win this phone! Hopefully you’ll pick me!

  27. avatar Diana Cashman Says:

    Congratulations on 1 year! Enjoy many more. Awesome site!

  28. avatar Brooke Says:

    Congrats on a year!!!

  29. avatar Ronen Says:

    Count me in! Congrats on the anniversary

  30. avatar Jason Says:
  31. avatar Kunal Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  32. avatar Vien Says:

    Congrats on a year!!!!

  33. avatar Becky Says:

    Congrats on the one-year mark!! Still think it’s funny for you to give US stuff on YOUR birthday, but of course we’ll take it… :)

  34. avatar Roger Joseph Says:

    Happy Birthday, Great website!

  35. avatar Todd File Says:

    Wow i am just getting ready to buy one. It would really cool if i could win one instead.

  36. avatar Leo Says:

    Congrats on reaching the one-year mark!

  37. avatar Wil Says:

    Congratulations on 1 year!

  38. avatar Jay Masunaga Says:

    Thanks for a year of great info on smart phones, esp the BB!

  39. avatar Mike Says:

    Winning one would be amazing, but regardless I’m grabbing a Berry. I’ve held off for over a year but its just too good to pass up. Congrats on the first year of many.


  40. avatar Matthew Says:


  41. avatar Adam Says:

    Congrats on your one year anniversary

  42. avatar Zac Says:

    I really do love this site :) Rock my socks with a Pearl on the rocks!!!

  43. avatar Creamers Says:

    Sweet a free perl how the but very nice and congratz on the one year mark.


  44. avatar Scarlett Says:

    Don’t you wish everyone having a birthday gave gifts away!

  45. avatar charli Says:

    Happy Birthday and Congratulations

  46. avatar Chris Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  47. avatar tanynesi Says:


  48. avatar twebb Says:

    It’s your one year anniversary! That’s a awsome milestone.

  49. avatar Alec Says:

    Nice site! This phone would be a nice replacement for my $15 Moto att gophone… lol

  50. avatar Antonio Says:
  51. avatar dhoffman Says:

    Great site… and congrats on the Anniversary!

  52. avatar Devin Says:

    The first big milestone :) hope you have many more of them to come.

  53. avatar Steven Says:

    Great site, happy 1st birthday, with many more to go!!

  54. avatar Sebastian Says:

    Happy birthday. Excellant site and keep up the work!

  55. avatar AMS Says:

    happy birthday. i really want the pearl!!

  56. avatar Toby Jay Says:

    I basically want this.

    Grizzats on a year! Happy birfday.

  57. avatar Scott Says:

    Happy 1st Birthday! The Pearl 2 would be great! I am on AT&T so that would rock!

  58. avatar svnoto Says:

    Happy Birthday! Great site!

  59. avatar Galvatron Says:

    is that berry come locked or unlocked?

  60. avatar denuse Says:

    happy b-day many more to come! Now give me the pearl!!!!

  61. avatar Tierreb Says:

    As a Crackberry Addict I will graciously accept the pearl to carry next to my Curve ;-)

  62. avatar Jeff Says:

    Congrats. I want a free blackberry!!!

  63. avatar Kyle Carter Says:

    my newborn baby girl that just turned 7 weeks old needs a Pearl. i can’t imagine what my childhood would’ve been like with a crackberry!!

  64. avatar Bla1ze Says:

    What, no love for Canadians even though we gave you the BlackBerry…ahh well, thats ok I guess, we’ll have the bold before you all anyways lmao!!

    Congrats on the 1 YR man…Keep up the great work :)

  65. avatar Jacque Says:

    i want one sooooooo bad.

  66. avatar Nelson Mendez Says:

    Jesus is the truth , the way and the life.

  67. avatar Jaime Says:

    Congrats on the year

  68. avatar Dan Says:

    Congrats on the one year anniversary. Heres to many more!

  69. avatar Easy Deezy Says:

    Congrats on the year. Keep up the good work.

  70. avatar Carson Says:

    Congrats! Please sign me up!

  71. avatar Anthony J Schroeder Says:
  72. avatar Tate Enterline Says:

    What a great phone to giveaway to the lucky winner and here’s too many more years for Viral Electronics!!!

  73. avatar trails Says:

    I’ve heard of getting pearls for a birthday, but to give them is the greatest gift of all.

  74. avatar Summer H Says:

    Congrats on your 1 year! Please pick me! I’ve always wanted an 8110!

  75. avatar Coder Myers Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  76. avatar Will Says:
  77. avatar IE Says:

    Thank you! Keep up the great work.

  78. avatar Joe Robot Says:

    Congrats on the 1yr anniversary!

  79. avatar Gary Says:

    Congrats on your 1 year!

  80. avatar Denise Davis Says:

    Happy Birthday!! Enjoy many more! Obama 08!

  81. avatar Paul Says:

    CONGRATS! I turn 30 this year! Please…Pick Me!

  82. avatar Carlos Says:

    Yes! Me! Me! Me!

    Congratz on the 1 year…

    Hopefully youvan tell me congratz on winning the phone by the end of the month

    Goodluck to all!

  83. avatar Dan T Says:

    Happy Birthday and Congrats!

  84. avatar Janel Abad Says:

    Hey! Happy Birthday!!!
    Yeah, this would be a great present for my sister!!

  85. avatar Edri Says:

    congrats on 1 year! happy happy bday!

  86. avatar Jason C Says:

    Way to go. One year is a big milestone. Wishes for many more.

  87. avatar David Says:

    Congrats on the 1 year!
    My wife. Would love a new Pearl!

  88. avatar Reggie Says:

    Congrats on a year great site

  89. avatar amrom Says:

    happy birthday count me in

  90. avatar Troy Sharp Says:
  91. avatar Doug Pencille Says:

    Need Mo BB’s for my B-Day

  92. avatar Doug Perkins Says:

    Congrats on the birthday, love the site – keep up the good work!

  93. avatar Jeffrey Klein Says:

    happy 1 yr birthday!

  94. avatar josh ward Says:

    Wow one year hope u go 10 years it would be good to win a pearl cause I have never owned a blackberry but I have always wanted one so happy one year to all of u all and hope u have many more to come

  95. avatar Dustin Says:

    Happy birthday! I want one!!

  96. avatar Big Al Says:

    Hootie Hooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. avatar Carlos Says:
  98. avatar Candy Grant Says:

    Congrats on a year! Hope I win! I have a teenage daughter who just “drowned” her brand new Curve!

  99. avatar Dustin Says:

    Happy birthday!! I need a new phone!!

  100. avatar Katie Grant Says:

    Congrats on 1 year! My Curve got water damage when I was giving my dog a bath. Hope I win! I really need a new phone! My Mom won’t buy me another one! :(

  101. avatar Michael A. (Andy) Grant Says:

    Congrats! I hope I win. I’m out mucho dinero because my teenager daughter got her NEW phone wet washing the dog!!!

  102. avatar brad Says:

    congrats!!!!! happy one year!

  103. avatar Jason Says:
  104. avatar Chris J Says:

    Congratulations on your first year!

  105. avatar CJ Ruiz Says:

    Ill take that pearl thank you very much

  106. avatar Chris Says:

    Happy One Year Anniversary!!!

  107. avatar Gordon Says:


  108. avatar Chris Says:

    Congrats on the 1 year birthday, this is a really cool site.

  109. avatar dave Says:

    Woo hoo!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  110. avatar Whitney Says:

    Congrats on making through the first year!

  111. avatar Rob Says:
  112. avatar Chris Says:

    This is great, thanks

  113. avatar Jeff Rusch Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  114. avatar Josh Says:
  115. avatar Mike Says:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the neat contest! :)

  116. avatar G Says:
  117. avatar Eric Says:

    Sign me up…love freebies!

  118. avatar strumgum Says:

    Congrats on a year!

  119. avatar Mark Pruitt Says:

    Congratulations on your first year! I’m certain there are many more to come.

  120. avatar Tashanna Says:

    Now this would be a nice present for Dad. I hope I get pick. Thanks for the offer.

  121. avatar Brad Says:

    Happy birthday! Great giveaway.

  122. avatar brayndeded Says:

    Congrats on the b-day. I could give my son my cell phone, and use this new one in a heartbeat.

  123. avatar Tom K Says:

    Good Job on reaching the

  124. avatar Tom K Says:

    Good Job on reaching the 1 Year Mark!
    Keep up the good work!

  125. avatar brian Says:

    Congrats on your first year!

  126. avatar David Dollman Says:

    Happy Anniversary !!! Hope you have many more.

  127. avatar Charlene Terrazas Says:

    Happy B-day!!!

  128. avatar Evan Says:

    Happy Anniversary and many more!

  129. avatar Susan B Says:


  130. avatar Larry Says:

    Congrats on a year, great job.

  131. avatar Elizabeth Says:

    Congrats on one year!
    This would be an awesome thing to get for my birthday this month.

  132. avatar jen Says:

    Happy Birthday! :)

  133. avatar Brandy R. Says:

    Congratulations on your 1st year anniversary! Good luck and best wishes!

    (P.S. My birthday is on July 8th, so a new BB would make a great present *wink*. Cheers.)

  134. avatar Ixtab Says:

    This is awesome! Happy B-day, many years to come.

  135. avatar Isaac Says:

    Good luck in the future

  136. avatar Tony Chard Says:
  137. avatar Matt Says:
  138. avatar Cara Fisher Says:

    Happy Birthday!!! May you have many more!!!!

  139. avatar Jonathan Rich Says:

    My wife would love this phone and I can’t afford it. It would be great if I were to win!

  140. avatar Ben Says:

    gimme gimme gimme!

  141. avatar Dee Says:

    Congratulations! I would love the Pearl for my grand daughter. Thank you!

  142. avatar Scott Says:

    Good deal. Love my Blackberry.

  143. avatar Berend Says:

    A bad year for the markets…a great year for

  144. avatar Jeff W Says:

    Congrats on 1 yr!

  145. avatar Paul Says:

    Happy first birthday!

  146. avatar Laura Says:

    happy 1yr! now let me win! :)

  147. avatar victoria Mcmaine Says:

    Have a curve but went to get the pearl 8110 at local store and they were all out sooo iwould really love to win this.

  148. avatar Scott S Says:
  149. avatar Manu Says:

    Viral Electronics : The only pearl is you ! Happy birthday

  150. avatar james he Says:

    Can I have a petty pearl?

  151. avatar james he Says:

    Can I have a pretty pearl?

  152. avatar Janis Says:

    Happy birthday and I wish you success for the second ;)

  153. avatar Samantha Says:

    Happy B-Day….cool….you have the B-day and one of us gets the present!!!!

  154. avatar warron Says:
  155. avatar Charlie Says:
  156. avatar Josh Carson Says:

    Alright Happy 1 Year! Gary pick me because my 8820 is on it’s last warranty void. I’d gladly replace it with a Pearl than to even think about busting out the soldering gun again.

  157. avatar Alvin Newlin Says:

    Ur Alaskan viewers love the site. .

  158. avatar EP Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  159. avatar Bshire Says:
  160. avatar Bob (XLiMBS) Says:

    I just bought an 8320, but it’s giving me loads of problems and I have yet to get it to work. Winning one that actually turns on would make me moderately happy, but happy nonetheless. Lol

  161. avatar jibril Says:
  162. avatar Eric Says:

    Happy B-DAY!!!

    I’d love to upgrade my 8100 to an 8110!!

    Have A Great Day!!

  163. avatar inspectoralden Says:

    Hey Happy Birthday Love to
    Win the pearl for my wife

  164. avatar Lee Says:

    Congrats on your first year!

  165. avatar Alex Says:

    ViralElectronics you guys shure know how to please your viewers- You guys are the best.
    Happy B-day and good luck to all.

  166. avatar Mark Says:

    Congrats on your first anniversary. The Pearl rocks!

  167. avatar Curtis Brewington Says:

    My wife wouild love this since I did not get her anything really special for Mother’s Day.

  168. avatar nicole romine Says:

    I would love to win this!!! Congrats and the year!

  169. avatar Donnie Hughes Says:

    Congrats, A pearl with video rec….would be a upgrade from my 8100……….

  170. avatar Josh Says:

    Love your site, read it all the time! Congrats on the first year and hope to see many more!

  171. avatar mark e Says:

    What is this site?

  172. avatar Diana Says:

    Congratulations on one year! :)

  173. avatar astro Says:

    Congrats on the year.I’ve read some of your site. You have some cool stuff. As I am losing a BB (job change) a new one would be awesome.

  174. avatar Doug Says:

    Thanks for the offer! Added your site to my Viigo.

  175. avatar Phil Lucid Says:
  176. avatar Denise Davis Says:

    Happy Birthday! Many more!

  177. avatar Randy Says:

    Great site. I’ve bookmarked and will return often. Happy b-day

  178. avatar Richard Puckett II Says:

    I see you’ve got the “viral” part of it figured out. :) Congratulations on your first year.

  179. avatar Adam Van Fleet Says:

    Happy 1 Year Birthday. I would love a BB Pearl 8110, but Congrats to whomever wins in Advance. Enjoy it. Thanks for the great contest guys.

  180. avatar Eric Hendrix Says:

    Happy Birthday! Shouldn’t we be giving YOU gifts? I’d be happy to have the Pearl though…

  181. avatar Dustin DeForest Says:

    Happy Birthday! This is quite generous.

  182. avatar Lorenzo S. Says:

    Congrats on the B-Day its great that you guys came a long way

  183. avatar panpan1975 Says:

    Congratulations on a year of great info and thanks for the opportunity to win a BB Pearl!!

  184. avatar david rupa Says:
  185. avatar Dustin S. Says:

    Happy Birthday. Pick me!!!!

  186. avatar GaryF Says:


    one more try – feel free to delete these if they dont come up

  187. avatar Jim Says:

    Has it really been a year? God I’m getting old…

  188. avatar jojo poblete Says:

    happy birthday! Congrats

  189. avatar Chad Starling Says:

    I’d love a Pearl! ;) GL, everyone…

  190. avatar Christopher Lee Says:

    I really like Blackberry phone.

  191. avatar smithers08 Says:

    Best of luck and Happy Birthday.

  192. avatar Courtney Edwards Says:

    Awesome congrats….

  193. avatar AFuentesJr Says:

    If I don’t win innocent kittens will die, so have a heart…save a kitten.

  194. avatar sonny Says:

    Congrats on your birthday!

  195. avatar Barbo Says:
  196. avatar kim Says:

    Congrats…ur now one year old :)

  197. avatar Rueshann Says:
  198. avatar Carla Blanton Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  199. avatar Cedell Says:

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S and happy birthday. Gotta love a blackberry.

  200. avatar cjcarbone Says:

    Awesome! just added yo guys to my viigo!!

    Happy birthday!

  201. avatar mosammey Says:

    congrats on the bday….and i hope i win

  202. avatar Angela Says:

    Happy Birthday!! June is my birthday also, so we’re both Geminis! THe perfect fit for a Blackberry Pearl!

  203. avatar Tim Says:

    Congratz on the one year! Now what about that phone :-D

  204. avatar Charlene Terrazas Says:

    Happy B-day, congrates!!!

  205. avatar Randy Says:
  206. avatar Charlene Terrazas Says:

    Happy B-day, congrats!!!

  207. avatar Jake Lewis Says:

    Congrats and happy birthday!

  208. avatar tylerscott20 Says:

    I would love an 8110 because of the gps and videocamera

  209. avatar tylerscott20 Says:

    And happy birthday minnie more on channel 4 lol

  210. avatar sheila castro Says:

    Congratulations. More power!

  211. avatar Mike Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  212. avatar Jess Says:

    Congrats on the first year. Thanks for the contest!

  213. avatar Natasha Says:

    BB pearl! I want you! Ill take great care of you.:)

  214. avatar Sunny Huang Says:

    Although I have to admit that it is your giveaway brought me here today, I still want to say congratulation to your first birthday. Keep up with the good work! Many popular BB/Tech blogs were unknown to many of us when they first started, but their enthusiasm and dedication to keep us informed with lasted news and trends have made them very successful. There is no exception here =)

    I just added your feed to my viigo account =) Good luck and Happy Birthday again!

  215. avatar Shawn Says:

    Congratulations on one year. I would love to add this to my BB arsenal.

  216. avatar pedro oliva Says:

    One your old…you are a todler now….

  217. avatar Terry Everheart Says:

    Iwant a free blackberry

  218. avatar regina Says:

    Happy :) Birthday, VE!!!What a year!

  219. avatar Jonathan Craft Says:

    Love the site, and congrats!!!

  220. avatar kurt Stoudt Says:

    Congrats on the one year birthday!

  221. avatar LW-S Says:

    Congrats on the 1 yr! Never knew the site existed and looks pretty cool!

  222. avatar Rex Sanford Says:

    Happy B-day. And good luck!

  223. avatar Brant Says:

    One year B-day for Viral & a baby boy on the way. Hurray!!

  224. avatar Brant Says:

    Congrats! One year B-day for Viral & a baby boy on the way. Hurray!!

    B Mac

  225. avatar Naveen Says:
  226. avatar Darvin Says:

    I would like to officially throw my name in the my name in the hat… :-) hat… :-) throw

  227. avatar Brant Says:

    Congrats! One year B-day for Viral.I have a baby boy on the way in August. I could really use a phone with a camera, I have the 8800 now. Hurray!!

    B Mac

  228. avatar Darren Says:

    Cant wait for it… I love blackberries… i have an 8310 and im luvin it

  229. avatar David Says:

    Congrats on the year!

  230. avatar Shaun Says:

    Hey, Congrats on that year… hopefully you can keep it up, and not let us down. Best of luck to ya, I’ll keep checkin in.

  231. avatar Rusheena Says:

    I need a new phone, a BB would be nice.

  232. avatar Keith Rosinski Says:

    Congrats! Love blackberry.

  233. avatar jfl Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  234. avatar Brad Molen Says:

    Thanks for the contest! BBs are awesome. Especially gratis.

  235. avatar Paul Says:

    Congrats! Keep up the good work… and a BB Pearl for me would be nice too. :-)

  236. avatar Sal Says:

    My GF really needs a phone!!…. she dropped her’s today in a bowl of milk:(

  237. avatar jeremy weisser Says:

    Happy, Happy, Happy 1st b-day bdaydday.

  238. avatar Rich Says:

    Congrats! Would love to try this model.

  239. avatar Eden Halperin Says:


  240. avatar Bonnie D Says:

    Happy birthday!!!!

  241. avatar Kevin Torres Says:

    nice.. congrats for a year!

  242. avatar Sheri Says:

    Congrats on your 1st year! Thanks for a great site.

  243. avatar Derek K Says:

    Happy birthday to you….happy birthday to you…happy birthday Viral Electronics…happy birthday to you

  244. avatar Rick Says:

    Great promo. Happy 1 year

  245. avatar Keith L Says:


  246. avatar Steve S Says:

    My wife recently switched from a Pearl to a Curve–lets just say that she will only be happy with the Pearl! Happy Birthday Viral Electronics! Looking forward to many more!

  247. avatar Collin KG Says:

    A pearl with internal GPS, that’s what I’m talk’in about!

    Congrats on the one year.

  248. avatar Stacy Says:

    Congrats on your first birthday Viral electronics. Here’s to enjoying many more.

  249. avatar Bryan P Says:

    Happy birthday to you. The Pearl would be great to check my gmail :)

  250. avatar justin windham Says:
  251. avatar Trent Says:

    Love my Curve, but miss my Pearl. Would love this one!

  252. avatar Carl Says:

    congrats on the bday, hope this site sees many more

  253. avatar connie Says:

    happy happy birthday!! :)

  254. avatar david Says:

    Happy 1st birthday and many more to come.

  255. avatar Joe Says:

    Great news! Best wishes to all. keep up the good work.

  256. avatar Fran Says:

    You’re all winners in my book.

  257. avatar Stephanie Says:

    Congratulations on your first year!!!

    i would love to get a BB

  258. avatar Cameron Says:

    Happy Birthday. I would love to win also, it would be my first prize.

  259. avatar Carlos Chavez Says:

    Happy birthday! Wishing you the best and many years to come.


  260. avatar adam Says:

    Congratulations and wishing you many more years of success!

  261. avatar Lance Says:

    Congrats on the xlnt site! My precious 21 year old daughter Kate who has a husband going to Iraq is badly in need of a phone :)

  262. avatar MARUEEN Says:


  263. avatar George Baker Says:

    Great Job on the one year mark!

  264. avatar Bob Cohen Says:

    Happy Birthday, thanks for the pearl!!

  265. avatar Tony A Says:

    Happy Birthday. Cool promo!

  266. avatar David Beauchamp Says:

    Free Blackberry Pearl? What’s next, free gas?
    Happy birthday Viral Electronics!

  267. avatar Randy R Says:

    Wait is the beginning of the month or the end of the month, which day that marks a One Year for the website? But either way Happy Belated Birthday if it was on June 2nd and Happy Birthday if its after June 2nd. But if it was on June 3rd I guess that counts as Happy Belated Birthday also. :)

  268. avatar Randy R Says:

    Wait I forgot todays the 5th of June, so Happy belated birthday if it was on 4th :-X

  269. avatar David A Says:

    Congrats! Now you’re legit!

  270. avatar Josh Says:

    Big congrats on the one year anniversary!

  271. avatar Bill Barr Says:

    Congrats on your one year. First year is the toughest .Please enter me in your free Pearl drawing.thanks Bill

  272. avatar warren mccarty Says:

    awsome promotion! happy anniversary!

  273. avatar Tammie Says:

    Congrats on your 1yr. anniversary! you did it! :-)

  274. avatar Mitchell C Says:

    Happy B-Day. Congrats and i wish you guys many more.

  275. avatar Thomas Says:

    Awesome job guys. Congrats on 1 year. Here’s to many more!

  276. avatar Rho Says:

    Congratulations on the great year.

  277. avatar Joel Says:

    Congrats on the 1 year. Thanks man!

  278. avatar Bryan Salek Says:

    I want one too.

  279. avatar adam Says:
  280. avatar kaleb Says:

    Hey congrats!!! I always have wanted a blackberry!

  281. avatar kaleb Says:

    Hey congrats on the one year!!! I would love a pearl!

  282. avatar Roman X Says:

    Sweet! Thanks for all you do and congratulations!

  283. avatar Q Says:

    Hey congrats on the one year!!! Pick me

  284. avatar Janet M Says:

    Congrats. My Blackberry Curve is getting worn out, I could use a new phone.

  285. avatar Dave Says:

    Wow a whole year. That’s awesome! Blackberries are the best

  286. avatar Jeremy R Says:

    Awesome contest! I would love to win a pearl and happy Birthday

  287. avatar Matt S Says:

    HBD VE. The Pearl would be a fitting gift. :)

  288. avatar Adam S. Says:

    I Would love a GPS Blackberry..hook it up…

  289. avatar DavidB Says:

    Way to go! Can’t wait to win your Pearl!!!
    Congrats on 1 year.

  290. avatar SarahB Says:

    Nice! A year is remarkable.

  291. avatar Steve Says:

    Woohoo giving away presents for your bday :)

  292. avatar Samba Says:
  293. avatar Dany Araj Says:

    Congrats from within!

  294. avatar Danny Tran Says:


  295. avatar alek Says:

    Congradulations! One year is longer than most last! great job

  296. avatar Jon H Says:

    congrats! this is one of the best BB SW site.

    keep up the good job!

  297. avatar Michael Andrews Says:

    Happy Birthday!!! May you have many, many more.

  298. avatar Vishal Jain Says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Usually gifts are given to the Birthday boy/girl. Here we are getting the gift. Wonderful. My current Pearl’s headpiece has gone bad and can really use the new shiny one :-)

  299. avatar Yazmin V Says:

    Happy birthdayyyyy!
    Pick me! I turn 28 on July 4
    :o )

  300. avatar jessie Says:

    happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear, haaaaaaapy birthday to yoooooou! :)

  301. avatar Matt Says:
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  303. avatar Katie Says:

    Happy Birthday! :)

  304. avatar Jake Says:

    Congratulations! Hope the years to come keep it coming!
    A pearl would be sweet

  305. avatar SLVR6 Says:

    Free Blackberries are always welcome!

  306. avatar Joseph Says:

    Congrats on 1 year!!!

  307. avatar William Che Says:

    If it weren’t for the give away I would not have come across this site. It looks interesting!

    I’m going to subscribe to your RSS feed.

    So congrats on your 1st year and many more to come!.

  308. avatar Jorge Says:

    Congratulations on turning a year old!!!

  309. avatar Joey Says:

    Congrats on one year!

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    Congrats on the one year anniversary. Interesting stuff around this place. A nice pearl! Sweet!

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    Congrats to my favorite BB place.

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    Congrats on the 1yr anniversary! My wife would love an 8110. :)

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    Congratulations and happy birthday. My wife would love a free Pearl.

  317. avatar Rob Says:

    Way to go on the bday! Congrats and good luck to all.

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  319. avatar kevin Says:

    Congrats on the first year, here’s to many more!

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    Congrats on one year.
    I would love a Pearl

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  322. avatar nick Says:

    congrats on your big 1 yr bday.

  323. avatar Jose M. Cid Says:

    Congrats!! My BD is June 17th…..I’ll be 60
    …I love to have one.

  324. avatar Charlene Terrazas Says:
  325. avatar Matthew Miller Says:

    Congrats! Heard about this on BlackberryCool…

  326. avatar Carrie Says:

    Congradulations on your first year I’m blown away by your site and would love to celebrate your success with my very own blackberry

  327. avatar Danielle Anna Says:

    I’ve been to Viral before not to mention have heard lots about it also. You offer lots of cool downloads, thanks! Maybe you can give some advice to those other “BlackBerry” assisted sites!!

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    Congrats and happy birthday!

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    Happy Birthday!

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  333. avatar Scott Kertes Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  334. avatar Will Says:
  335. avatar Will Says:

    Giddy up! Congrats.

  336. avatar Luis Torres Says:

    First of all, Happy Birthday!
    Second, I’ve been on the hunt for a BB for business and pleasure – is this the best contest in the world or what?!
    Thanks for putting this up.

  337. avatar JS Says:

    Congrats on 1yr! Blackberry is awesome.

  338. avatar Matt T. Says:

    Congratulations on the milestone. I was unaware of this site until after reading an article on the web site. I look forward to checking the site out more often to see what’s available and if chosen I look forward to using a new device that’s different from my Treo.

  339. avatar morgan Says:

    Congrats on a year pick me pick me pick.

  340. avatar Allison Says:
  341. avatar Phillip Jackson Says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope I win, mine just died :(

  342. avatar » Viral Electronics 1yr B-day and giving away a BlackBerry Pearl 8110 Says:

    [...] it out: Viral Electronics Giveaway <–You must comment here. [...]

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    Nice promo, mission accomplished. Your now added to my viigo!

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    I surely love my new pearl…gonna be a gr8 bday gift (For me :D )

  361. avatar Cullen Says:

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  365. avatar Dan Says:

    I’m with the other Dan…my wife would love this as a replacement for her Pantech Duo.

  366. avatar Ashley Says:

    I would love to have a blackberry phone! My best friend just got one and I’m a little jealous!

  367. avatar Lynne Says:

    Congrats on One Year!!!!!!

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    Congrats for completing 1 yr ! May the year ahead bring success to you. A fantastic gesture from your end.

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    My good wishes to complete many such successful years for the future.

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    Congrats on one year!

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    Good luck and happy birthday! :)

  372. avatar Sarah Says:

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  373. avatar randel_07 Says:

    i wanna win!
    congratulations for a year

  374. avatar kristine Says:

    seriously?? would want to be the lucky one.. congrats =D

  375. avatar bibi Says:

    Happy b-day!!!!!

  376. avatar TV Says:

    Congrats on your 1 Yr. Anniversary.
    Hope I am the winner for this cool device.

  377. avatar Robert Herron Says:

    I hope i win, i havent had a chance to use the pearl. Happy B-DAY

  378. avatar Carrie Tabar Says:

    Great contest! Thanks for a chance to win!

  379. avatar Kennan W Says:

    I hope I win. I Have one working phone right now and its 8 years old! I really need a new one!

  380. avatar marissa bialek Says:

    awesome idea and congrats

  381. avatar stimpy1515 Says:

    Congrats and good luck everyone!

  382. avatar Erik W Says:

    Congrats on the 1 year mark!

  383. avatar Missy Says:
  384. avatar xavier hubbard Says:

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    i hope i win:]

  385. avatar daysha b Says:

    I would love to win the blackberry b/c right now I dont have any phone. PLEASE GOD PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  386. avatar Jose Garcia Says:

    A broke private with no phone, congrats on the BDAY

  387. avatar Jim Musich Says:

    Excellent. Have never owned a cell phone or any similar device. This would be a nice way to start. Thanks for the opportunity.

  388. avatar Tom Says:

    Congrats on one year!

  389. avatar xavier hubbard Says:

    may i ask who won?? i really hope it was me:]

  390. avatar Cyndi Nitzken Says:

    Please please… I want it. Please Cyndi

  391. avatar Cyndi Nitzken Says:

    oops. too late, :( (((((

  392. avatar carlos Says:

    so……who won the pearl? email me n let me know…or announce the winner on PINSTACK

  393. avatar Danielle Says:

    I would SERIOUSLY like to thank Gary and Viral Electronics for my FREE NEW BLACKBERRY PEARL 8110!!!! Yep, I won! To be honest, I really didn’t know whether or not to believe it myself, nor did anyone I told. I received it this morning in the mail and it is AWESOME! I am so thankful and will rant and rave about Viral Electronics forever! Thank you once again Gary and Viral Electronics. My new Pearl keeps me smilin even after breaking my foot this afternoon! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!

  394. avatar austin mcdonald Says:

    i know that i am late but i hope i still have a chance at the att blackberry pearl 8110 tianium
    great job on your website

  395. avatar ronnie hopkins Says:

    Happy bday to you!!!!!!!!!!!

  396. avatar Clay Says:

    This Is Awesome I Hope I Get Picked, Best Wishes To All

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  398. avatar kerim muharemovic Says:

    I realy ned this phone.Thanks

  399. avatar Caroline Carrube Says:

    I am in desperate need of a new blackberry! I work in an AT&T dealer store and they refuse to privide me with a new blackberry but we’re required to have one. Not only that, my darling son decided to take my 8100 and crack the screen,so I can barely navigate my phone for work and being a single mom, I can’t afford a new or even refurbished blackberry. Please help me!!!!! I’m so scared to lose my job.

  400. avatar Ancy Says:

    yeah i want to win

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